Google+ Rurousha 流浪者: Author


Short version:
1) I'm an authentic southern barbarian.
2) My battle cry: Reunite Gondwanaland!
3) I hate parasols.

Longer version:
Rurousha (流浪者) is a Japanese word for nomad. Originally from South Africa, I've been a solitary vagabond for eleven lifetimes, but I'm currently lingering in Japan. 

My interests include mythology, linguistics, books, books, books and books. Did I mention books? When I'm not reading or walking or hiking (and getting lost), I teach English at a university and a conversation school in Tokyo. I used to work as a journalist, copy-editor and television scriptwriter in various countries in Africa, the Middle East and Europe; and I spent many years in the book publishing and book retail industry.

My avatar is San from the movie Mononoke-hime. We're both barbarians. See (1) above.


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